Agilyx 2021 Sustainability Report

sustainability & our mission

Our technologies provide solutions that help shift our world from a linear to a circular economy, and transition to a low-carbon future.

Working with our customers, we are creating fully circular models where plastics can be used and recycled again and again.


Agilyx sustainability goals

During 2021, Agilyx announced sustainability goals in three critical goal areas: circular/ environmental, climate and societal.

goal 1: circular / environmental

tons per day of post-use plastic converted annually by 2030

As of December 2021, we projected that its business development pipeline is anticipated to reach 500-600 tons per day in operation by 2025-26.

tons of post-use plastic diverted from landfill annually by 2025
Due to a growing member base, Cyclyx has increased our volume target from 300,000 to 650,000 – 900,000 tons of post-use plastic diverted from landfill annually by 2025 / 2026.

goal 2: climate

Publish a climate change strategy that includes:
  • Future impact of climate change on our business
  • Strategies and actions to mitigate climate-related impacts of our technology
  • Strategies and actions to support transition to a low carbon economy
We’re on track to publish a climate strategy by year-end 2022.

goal 3: societal

Gender Equity
Board of Directors appointees (2021-2023)
Women 50%
Board of Directors (2025)
Women 33%
Executive Team (2025)
Women 33%
with institutions, government authorities, NGOs, and associations by 2025

During 2021, we appointed one new member of the Board of Directors, a woman. Currently, women comprise 25% of our Board and 25% of our executive team.

key sustainability highlights / milestones

March 2021

Good Company found pyrolysis-based chemical recycling facilities to have air emissions similar or lower than those from other common facilities.

April 2021

Cyclyx receives ISCC PLUS certification for its circular recycling pathway.

July 2021

Life Cycle Analysis findings show polystyrene made from chemically recycled feedstock saves 75% of CO2 emissions.

November 2021

We hired our first sustainability director, Mike Medvik.

November 2021

Regenyx transitions to 100% renewable wind energy source.

December 2021

Employees at our Portsmouth and Tigard offices collected non-perishable food and personal care items for donation to local non-profit organizations.


supporting local recycling and non-profits

Together with our joint venture, Regenyx, we offer a free, 24-hour public drop box where community members can drop off polystyrene for recycling.

Cyclyx continued to work with Oregon Metro, providing staff to process the polystyrene waste that is collected at the city’s polystyrene recycling drop off area at the Metro South transfer station in Portland.

sdg mapping

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
We identified five SDGs as most directly relevant to our mission, value chain and stakeholders:

workforce development

We’re committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion and creating a positive workplace environment for employee success.
We provide equal access to training and career development regardless of gender, religion, beliefs or nationality.
global locations
total employees
0 %
increase in employees
Women 31%

gender balance

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